A busy summer for the Fish Lead-Free team!

This has been a busy few weeks for the Fish Lead-Free team based in Maine! A few weeks ago, we gave a presentation and hosted a lead tackle exchange at the Tacoma Lakes Association in Litchfield, ME at their annual meeting. I loved the chance to talk to residents who lived and worked around these lakes, and see how invested they are in protecting the local ecosystems! Then, two weeks ago we travelled to Hope, ME, and hosted another tackle exchange with a presentation at the annual meeting of the Megunticook Watershed Association at the beautiful Camp Bishopwood! Once again, we got to learn about the status of these lakes, and help people understand how to protect the wildlife (especially loons) by fishing with lead-free tackle.

Our latest adventure took place in Rangeley, ME. I was invited to speak at the annual “Special Loon and Eagle Program” hosted by Rangeley Region Lake Cruises and the Rangeley Outdoor Sporting Heritage Museum. This was a fantastic day of outdoor education, starting with Lisa Kane, Education Coordinator from Maine DIFW, presenting about loons and eagles. Then I partnered with Joe Roy from BioDiversity Research Institute to discuss the Annual Loon Count, the many threats facing loons, and then covered the dangers of fishing with lead tackle and the ways that we can all help to encourage lead-free fishing! We finished with a beautiful guided tour of Rangeley Lake where we saw loons, eagles, osprey, and other wildlife.

And we have an upcoming event! On August 2nd at 7pm, I will be presenting “The State of Maine’s Loons” at the Somes Meynell Wildlife Sanctuary in Mt. Desert, ME. I will be talking about the efforts that Fish Lead-Free has been involved with, and discuss the Loon Count, loon mortality study, and the many threats that loons face today (both natural and man-made).  We will also be getting an update on the loon population within the Somes Meynell Sanctuary, including the 14 chicks that hatched this year! Seating is limited, for more information on the event contact the sanctuary at (207)-244-4027.

If you are interested in having someone from the Fish Lead-Free team come and speak at an event you are hosting, please contact fishleadfree@maineaudubon.org! We love having the opportunity to travel and speak to groups about loon population ecology, lead impacts on loons, and giving updates on the changing legislation on lead tackle use.


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